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Published on January 31, 2016

Befriend, nurture, accessorize, and play with of your favorite Princess Palace Pets!

• Learn more about the special relationship between each pet and their favorite Princess!
• Bathe, brush, groom, accessorize, and play with each adorable friend!
• Choose from a huge selection of different types of pets: Kittens, puppies, ponies, elephants, peacocks, raccoons, and more!

Wash and brush the pets in interactive salon stations. Remember, no visit is complete without a special accessory and a yummy treat!
Explore 29 interactive stories featuring adorable art and animation of your favorite Palace Pets:

• New Rapunzal’s proud peacock, Sundrop.
• New Pocahontas’ helpful bobcat, Pounce.
• New Jasmine’s playful elephant, Taj.
• Cinderella’s glamorous puppy, Pumpkin.
• Belle’s curious kitten, Rouge.
• Mulan’s determined pony, Lychee.
• Aurora’s shy fox, Nuzzles.
• Jasmine’s rowdy tiger, Sultan.
• Tiana’s jazz-loving kitty, Lily.
• Belle’s smart pony, Petite.
• Rapunzel’s groovy kitten, Summer.
• Cinderella’s perfectionist pony, Bibbidi.
• Pocahontas’ adventurous raccoon, Windflower.
• Ariel’s spirited pony, Seashell.
• Rapunzel’s artistic puppy, Daisy.
• Tiana’s friendly pony, Bayou.
• Snow White’s sporty pony, Sweetie.
• Rapunzel’s beautiful skunk, Meadow.
• Ariel’s playful puppy, Matey.
• Cinderella’s fashionable kitten, Slipper.
• Jasmine’s gorgeous pony, Lapis.
• Rapunzel’s adorable deer, Gleam.
• Mulan’s cheerful panda, Blossom.
• Aurora’s charming pony, Bloom.
• Aurora’s sleepy kitty, Dreamy.
• Belle’s talented puppy, Teacup.
• Ariel’s curious kitten, Treasure.
• Snow White’s fluffy bunny, Berry.
• Rapunzel’s regal pony, Blondie.

Enjoy charming music, sound effects, and pet voices.
Take photos and save them with an innovative tool.

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